On this website you can quickly and easy calculate the antibiotic use on your farm through a scientific based method. It is even possible to compare your score with other farmers.

Use of the website is free of charge, unconditional and confidential.

At this moment the website is available for the calculation of antibiotic use on pig, poultry and turkey farms. The modules for ruminants is under construction and is expected soon.

Besides the calculation method the website also offers extensive background information on antibiotics, antimicrobial resistance and the used calculation method. (see About ABcheck)

Furthermore free literature from studies involving antibiotics and antimicrobial resistance is available as well as links to websites where you can easily find information regarding the antibiotics and their dosage prescriptions used in Belgium. For an overview, click here!

Please also take a look at our website on biosecurity in pig farms for more information on (simple) adjustments that can be made to improve animal health and production on your farm.

If you wish to calculate your antibiotic use for a longer period you can choose to save the input data. In that case you will have to register after finishing the calculation program.

The web application and the calculation method were developed by prof. dr. Jeroen Dewulf, dr. Davy Persoons and drs. Merel Postma with technical support of Steven Bruneel. The development was financially supported by the Boerenbond and Certus.

If you have any remarks, questions or suggestions regarding this website or the calculation method, please contact Steven Bruneel.